LADYBOY AREEYA – She Is Finger Lickin Good!

Ladyboy Areeya

Ladyboy Areeya, there are very few asian girls that compare to her. She was one of the first Katoey girls I ever laid my eyes upon. Back in the day she was pretty cute but as the years have come and gone she is looking absolutely smoking hot now. The color to her skin is so beautiful, a creamy brown and having a hot tight body to go with it really helps. Long flowing hair, dark eyes and a stare that could bring a guy to his knees. While you down on your knees you might as well take a look at her hot cock that is growing inside her panties.

Hot sexy Ass that loves to have a hard shaft deep inside and slender legs that are covered in fishnet stockings on this one. How could I forget those beautiful tits as well? Ladyboy Areeya really is the full Asian girl package and I am sure she is in the minds of many horny men and even girls. I don’t know if it’s even possible to resist her sexual charm especially if she is waiting for you on the bed dressed like that.

Katoey Areeya Ladyboy Areeya Ladyboy Areeya

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Hot Sexy Body Ladyboy Areeya


  • November 20, 2007


    I wonder if she would ever do smoking fetish photos or video

  • September 30, 2008


    i love lady boy pictures

  • July 19, 2009

    not up to date

    I appologize, I am not up to date. Are shemales guys that become girls or guys/girls that are born with both gender parts.

  • July 21, 2009


    Technically they are born guys but always feel they were born to be a girl. Most of them would be insulted if you called them a guy because they want to be a women and treated as such, they just have an extra bonus. There has been scientific study on transsexuals, they have different brain patterns I think if I can remember correctly.

    If you are born with both parts, a pussy and a cock then you are called a hermaphrodite which is something a lot of people actually like, for me I like a girl with a pussy or a shemale with a cock, to me they are both girls and are trying to be girls. The thing with Shemales is they try so hard to be girls many times they act, look and are much sexier then the real gender

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