Izabelly Frasao Taste Huge Brazilian Ass

Isabelly FrasaoIzabelly Frasao has quite the fucking shemale ass. Look at that Brazilian booty busting out of her bikini thong.  An ass like that should have a warning stamped on it.  Izabelly or as some know her as Isabelle has one kick ass body.  Another one of those sexy Brazilian transsexuals that just refuse to go small.  Round fat tranny tits and hard throbbing cock to go along with that ass.  I love that shot of her fingering the top of her shecock. She has a different look to her which makes her more desirable.  She also has an insane appetite for cock and cum.  Sure what transsexual doesn’t love cock but when you see her suck it you will realize that some shemales just love it fucking more.

Brazilian girls have beautiful behinds.  Only black tgirls seem to match the size and shape but I think I rather have one that has been cooked in the Brazilian sun.  So soft and a handful as you spread the cheeks wide open and tease a shemale like Izabelly Frasao with the head of your cock.  Gently brushing the precum around her tranny pussy until she can’t take the excitement and just slams her whole ass against you.  Your cock pushing in all the way as she screams in ecstasy.  Finishing off a night of hardcore shemale sex with a cum bath all over that sweet Brazilian booty.

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Bruna Tavares

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